Tax Return Analysis for the Mortgage Lender

This webinar will assist the mortgage lender in correctly analyzing the borrower’s “personal income” generated from their business and/or investment activities.

The analysis will include the 1040 tax form and Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule B (interest & dividends), Schedule C (business income from a sole proprietor or single-member LLC), Schedule D (capital gains/losses), and Schedule E (rental real estate).

The session will also include how to properly determine the “personal income” derived from a multi-member LLC and S corporation (via the K-1 forms).

The webinar will conclude with a review of the recent changes in the tax code (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) and how they can impact the mortgage borrower.

Covered Topics:

  • Analyze the borrower’s personal income derived from their business and/or investments
  • Review the 1040 tax form and Schedule A, B, C, D, and E
  • Determine the personal income from the K-1 form (LLC and S corporations)
  • Cover the recent changes in the tax code including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Who Should Attend?

Mortgage loan officers, underwriters, and processors